Individual Consultations

Compass Dietitans conducts clinics in many locations throughout the Upper Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Coalfields and Upper Hunter Valley. We are happy to provide diet and nutrition guidance on an individual basis to patients referred by a doctor or to patients who may choose to seek dietary advice without referral.

If you are referred by your GP using a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangements for up to 5 visits per calendar year, your visits will be Bulked Billed to Medicare with no gap fee to you.

If you hold a Department of Vererans' Affair Gold card and your doctor refers you to our clinic, your visits are fully covered by DVA.

Patients who have private health insurance that includes Ancillary Benefits can usually claim a rebate on visits to the dietitians. There is a claim limit each year and the limit may include other services. You should check with your health fund as each fund and each table within each fund may be different.

During a consultation the dietitian will ask you about what you normally eat, will take account your medical issues and other influences such as family, food preferences and shift work, then design an eating plan to meet your goals.  You will be given a written eating plan to take with you to follow.  You may wish to keep a diary of what you have eaten for the week before your appointment and bring it with you for the first consultation.

Generally the dietitian will arrange to see you again for follow up in a few weeks, to assess your progress, to assist where you may be finding difficulties, to add to the guidance already provided and to provide additional information to help you along the way.  You may wish to come back a few times over a period of time to maintain your progress.

For all appointments and enquiries please phone 02 4947 1733